10 tips for better Task Management

Whether you are leading a team or a project, you also have to manage your own tasks and get your work done.

When using online tools or task management applications, here are some tips on how to better manage your work and get things done:

1. List all your tasks, don’t rely on your memory and get all of them into the tool

2. Manage your tasks, mark them as completed, pending or not started yet so that you will know each day what to focus on

3. Add due dates, so that you can be able to prioritize the tasks

4. Prioritize for each day and complete critical tasks first and early

5. Get rid of or delegate non-essential tasks to other people so you can focus on the things that you’re best suited for or more critical for your role

6. Setup reminders so that you can know in advance what’s due today, this week or even this month

7. Add notifications for yourself or other team members, so you’ll know when the tasks will be completed

8. Break up bigger tasks into smaller ones – sometimes most significant tasks might seem overwhelming and you might tend to avoid them so it would be easier if you could break them into smaller manageable pieces, that’s how you will begin making progress

9. Set expectations for others and let people know what are your processes and how do you work

10. Set boundaries with your team so that they know at certain times of the day you’re working or specific things. For example, they will be aware that you need the status of their tasks at a particular point in time, each week and they won’t have to interrupt you with related questions on the reporting deadlines


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